Urgent need for submissions to Heritage Victoria to Save the Trees around Moreland Station

Write a submission to Heritage Victoria at https://www.heritage.vic.gov.au on the currently advertised permits page opposing the destruction of trees around Moreland station. Or put in a submission supporting the Upfield Urban Forest submission. Submissions close Wednesday 11 September

Your submission could include some of the following points 


·      Putting the station above and to the south of Moreland road would mean way less trees being destroyed plus lots of advantages in terms of access and safety. There is no evidence from the permit application by LXRP that it has seriously considered this option


·      LXRP are only planning to retain just 18 of 128 trees – this is an outrage


·      The heritage value of the station is greatly enhanced by the mature trees in the park


·      Gandolfo Park itself has a huge heritage value as it came into being in 1911 by community action, was established via community action and right up to today is cared for by community action. Destroying the park will seriously diminish its heritage value


·      LXRP even plan to remove the 2 giant sugar gums dating from when the park was first established in 1911 


·      We are not convinced LXRP has seriously considered the alternatives that would mean saving many more trees