Vic Track and Metro Trains enter into formal "stationeer" agreements with groups of people who want to work on vegetating and beautifying Train Stations and surrounding areas in the Melbourne train network.  Friends of Upfield Linear Park currently have a formal stationeer agreement in relation to Brunswick Station and the surrounding area between Victoria and Albert Streets.

We are hoping that formal Stationeer agreements will eventually be developed with local communities from Jewell to Merlynston.

The benefit of a formal agreement with Vic Track and Metro Trains is:

  • Metro contractors will be informed about community planting in the area and won't (are less likely to) spray or cut plants (Yay!!)
  • Community Stationeers have access to grants from time to time to fund trees, equipment, seating, art, paint etc. 
  • Community work in the area is recognised and supported.

If you are interested in forming a Stationeers Group on the Upfield Line please make contact with us through the links below.  We are forming groups of people who are interested in working on the different sites and have a contact person for each location.  If you get in contact with us you will also be informed about planting and art projects up and down the trainline. Of course you are also free to contact Gary Mogford, the Program Manager at Keep Victoria Beautiful who co-ordinates the Stationeers Program.  He can be contacted at or 0438 354 837.

Jewell Station

Brunswick Station

Anstey Station

Moreland Station

Coburg Station

Batman Station

Merlyston Station