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Albion st to Moreland rd - Planning Session

The section between Albion st an Moreland st has such huge potential.

Work has begun on the East side of the line, south of Moreland Rd with a row of trees at the edge of the carpark and bike track, each of which are gradually unfurling their fresh new leaves.  There is much more space on the East side of the track though. 

And, on the West, the residents of Colebrook St are keen to get started.

If you are interested in this section of the Upfield Urban Forest, please come to a Planning session at 10am on Sunday 12 March.  We'll meet for a cuppa at Little River Cafe on Albion St, and then do a bit of a walk around the site and share ideas!

If you can't make it, but have ideas and want to be kept informed about this bit of the Forest, please email us on the contacts section of this website.  Depending on the type of autumn we have,  we might be able to start planting again in this section in April/May.