Protecting Trees during the Level Crossing Removal Process

Campaign to save our urban wildlife habitat

Upfield Urban Forest and a number of other groups in Moreland are running a campaign to save as much of the vegetation around the trainline during the Skyrail process as possible. While we want to protect as many trees and plants as possible, our priority are the big old trees around Moreland and Coburg Stations.

These trees are a critical part of our urban community, providing much needed shade, bird and bee habitat.  They shade paths and picnic areas.  They provide a sense of calm and tranquillity so needed in urban environments. They are decades old, some half a century if not more.  Replacing trees like this will take many, many decades as droughts and heat increase.  Once they are gone, many of us won’t see trees like this in these spaces in our lifetimes.  In light of the UN’s recent report on the dire issue of species extinction throughout the world, the protection of urban wildlife habitat is all the more pressing.

How can you help?

  1. Come to a meeting at Coburg Library on 25 May 2019 from 1-3pm run by Moreland Community for Action on Transport.

  2. Come the LXRA info sessions Saturday 25 May 10:00am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 28 May 5:00pm to 7:30pm Admiral Room, Batman Royale,14 Gaffney Street, Coburg North

  3. Write to/ring as many politicians as you can:

    ·      Call and email the Transport Minister Jacinta Allan - ph (03) 8392 6100; email

    ·      Contact your federal ALP member Peter Khalil Phone: (03) 9350 5777;

    ·      Contact upper house ALP members for the northern metro region

    o   Jenny Mikakos - ph 9462 3966; -

    o   Nazih Elasmar - ph 9456 9244;

  4. Sign a community petition:

  5. Sign a petition set up by Tim Read’s office

  6. Buy a save Gandolfo Gardens T-shirt

  7. Keep checking for updates on this website about what’s happening and join our mailing list.

  8. Be creative, do chalk drawing about the trees, paint banners for the train stations.

  9. Contact us if you are happy to leaflet your neighbourhood.

  10. Dream about what you would like to see in the open spaces created by the skyrail…..frog ponds? Native grasses and flowers? Trees? Bike paths? Bubblers? Green walls? Walking paths? Bee hives? Tree hollows? Orchards? Community gardens?

We’ve written a letter to Minster Jacinta Allen detailing our concerns which you can download here.

You can download our submission to LXRA here.